Anna Cartmell

Stroller Strides + Body Back Instructor

Hello fellow mamas! I am Anna, blessed to be a mom to daughters Chelsea (4 YO) and Lucy (2 YO). I stumbled upon Fit4Baby in Mount Vernon, Washington while at my Ob/Gyn office. Wanting to be healthy during my first pregnancy was a must and I wanted to do it with other women who were going through the same thing. I signed up and took my first class in September of 2012 and never looked back!!!!

I have loved every minute of my Stroller Strides family and am so thankful for all the connections and friendships I have made with two different franchises in two different states. Jumping in with both feet, I became a Stroller Strides instructor on Saturdays where you can find me at McKinley Park with those mamas trying to squeeze in a weekend workout. Loving all that FIT4MOM has to offer I added another feather in my cap with Body Back. You can find me at Arden Park in the evenings with moms who are looking for just momME time! Motherhood is a tough gig and I would much rather have others by my side in the trenches with me as I wear the crazy hat of a MOM! #FINDYOURTRIBE #STRENGTHINMOTHERHOOD

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