Julie Taranto


Stroller Strides + Fit4Baby + Body Back +Stroller Barre Certified

Hey, Mama! What's filled with hugs and kisses, baby snuggles, endless love and...well, a LOT of things you might have never expected? MOTHERHOOD! I'm a Mom to Ryan (10 YO), Jeffrey (8 YO), and David (6 YO). My boys are the beautiful chaos that is my WHY (and my life!). They're also the reason that I love #allthethings that FIT4MOM offers: community, fitness, LAUGHTER (hello, levity!), and a support system through all the seasons of motherhood because, let me tell you--there are LOTS of seasons! We're here to weather them all with you!

One thing I know for sure: the days I workout with these mamas are so much better than days that I don't. (An ongoing experiment for the last 10+ years with FIT4MOM!) And hint: it's not just because of the workout. Or the endorphins. Or the sweat. It's *all* of the above and so much more! This community is what every mother needs and we are here to welcome YOU with open arms, Mama. We'd love you to join us!

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