Mariam Purcell

Stroller Strides + Body Back Instructor

Hi there! My name is Mariam and I am mom to Zoe (6), Reese (3) and Shelbie (3). My why is because becoming a mom begins a new chapter of your life. You don't have to give anything up, but you will change and mold to this new way of life. Fitness has always been a special part of my life. When I became a mom I was so nervous that I would not find "my village." I really believe that life and fate is bigger than all of us. Stroller Strides came to me when I needed it most. Stroller Strides came with fitness and a village. I have made connections of the heart at Stroller Strides that have helped me weather the storms of motherhood and celebrate the sunshine, too. Stroller Strides isn't just something I do, it is a way I live. I strive to show my kids that being a healthy, strong mom isn't just something you do, it is how you live your life. Surrounding myself with such positive, healthy, strong mamas each week fills my cup and gives my kids an amazing environment to grow up in. I feel lucky to be part of Stroller Strides as a participant and an Instructor. To be able to share my passion of health and fitness with others is truly a special experience.

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