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  • East Portal FIT4MOM Stroller Strides
  • Stroller Strides in Land Park
  • Lisa Druxman at FIT4MOM Sacramento
  • Moms in Workout Action!
  • Calf Raise Beauty!
  • Mom entertains babies at Stroller Strides!
  • Stroller Strides in Sacramento
  • Body Back Final Workout
  • Stroller Strides in Beautiful Land Park!
  • Walking lunges surrounded by bubble fun!
  • Mountain Climbers at Fit4Mom Sacramento
  • We connect with our kiddos at our Stroller Strides workouts!
  • Stroller Strides Friendship
  • Summer Stroller Strides Fun!
  • wall squats while babies watch
  • Body Back Teamwork
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  • We bond with our kiddos at Stroller Strides!
  • teach kids with fit4mom
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  • March For Babies Warmup
  • fit4mom resistance
  • Mommy and Me Workout
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  • Body Back Partner Workout
  • Stroller Strides Potluck
  • Stroller Strides Instructors' Children
  • Body Back Wall Sit Concentration
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  • All grown up!
  • Mega Stroller Strides
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Welcome to FIT4MOM Sacramento

FIT4MOM® is the nation’s largest wellness company with programs exclusively and thoughtfully designed for moms. Our Sacramento franchise offers mommy & me fitness and HIIT mom-only classes at: Arden Park, East Portal Park, Land Park, McKinley Park and coming April 24...ASHTON PARK!!!

Whether you are looking to get a great workout during pregnancy, after little babe has arrived, during maternity leave, or completely without kids, join us for a FREE Trial Class!

To get started, call 916.224.4963 or click on >>Grab your free class here<< (purple banner above). Come see how we're helping moms find STRENGTH IN MOTHERHOOD!

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